Florian Erbesdobler1 Christian Bahl1 Rasmus Bjørk1 Anders Smith1 Kaspar Nielsen1

1, DTU Energy, Roskilde, , Denmark

We present an experiment where magnetocaloric samples are spatially and temporally resolved using infra-red (IR) thermography. The spatial resolution is approximately 10x10 microns, while the temporal resolution is 170 Hz. The magnetic field applied to the sample is varied in a controlled way and thus the dynamics of the first order phase transition are observed on the sample surface.
We also present complimentary differential scanning calorimetric (DSC) measurements and are therefore able to relate the specific heat peaks of a single sample with the temperature distribution as observed by IR. This work presents our preliminary results for the first order phase transition of La(Fe,Si,Mn)13Hz compounds and describes the challenges of bringing the device into operation. Moreover, an outlook for comparing the results with a time-dependent numerical model, which can predict the material behaviour by finding its internal magnetic field and including finite heat transfer calculations, is given.