Hunter McDaniel1 Matt Bergren1 Karthik Ramasamy1 Aaron Jackson1 Nikolay Makarov1 Andres Velarde1 Nicolai Archuleta1

1, UbiQD, Inc., Los Alamos, New Mexico, United States

In urban settings where demand (and price) for electricity is high, the space available for solar modules is minimal. Tall buildings utilize vast amounts of electricity that is transmitted from remote power stations on lossy transmission lines. Emerging competing sunlight-harvesting window solutions are expensive and have poor aesthetics. Competing quantum dot (QD) technologies are costly, toxic, and/or unstable. UbiQD invokes proprietary methods for low-cost manufacturing of stable, high performance, non-hazardous QD composites that are utilized in luminescent solar concentrators (LSCs). Partially transparent LSCs provide a simple method of harvesting sunlight wherein absorbed light is effectively redirected to small solar cells hidden in the frame of a window. The company has achieved a certified record performance for solar windows, and is close to its target of 50 W/m2 of power output at 50% visible light transmittance, enough to turn an 80-story skyscraper into a >1GWh/yr urban power station. In this talk I will provide an overview to the market opportunity for solar windows, competitive landscape, and how our QD LSC technology compares. I will also provide a status update on UbiQD's best performing prototypes to date, and other recent milestones at the company.