Claire Theron1

1, External Innovation, IMERYS, Suwanee, Georgia, United States

Imerys is the world leader in mineral-based specialties for consumer goods, industrial equipment and construction. Its Corporate Social Responsibility is central to the Group's long-term strategy, supporting growth and underpinning long-term relationships with all stakeholders.

While Imerys operates on a global level, the group is committed to play a role in society, to meet its obligations to the countries and communities within which it does business by empowering our people, caring for our planet and building for the future together with our stakeholders. Through these commitments the Group contributes to sustainable development and foster positive changes.including regional projects covering education, sanitation, health and diversity, renewable energy, and biodiversity such eradication of invasive plants, preservation of protected species .
Following main international standards, in-house Sustainable Development (SD) Challenges have yielded 847 projects during the last 13 years. Those projects are aligned with Imerys high priority areas, such as diversity and inclusion, education, environment management, climate change and relation with communities. The group’s commitments in Imerys Code of Ethics and Business Conduct and CSR Charter are available to all detailed in policies, procedures and protocols gathered on Imerys intranet.

An example of Imerys contribution includes lightweighting of vehicles by delivering functional additives (High Aspect Ratio talcs) to polymers industry. The 3G HAR® product enables weight reduction of the automotive plastic injection-molded parts while its production uses 63% less electricity than previously.
Imerys is also active in cosmetics, offering its ImerCare® range is P-Scrub, product using 100% natural minerals designed as an eco-friendly alternative to plastic microbeads.
In agriculture, Imerys Mechanical Insecticides offer three natural mineral solutions, based on diatomaceous earth or kaolin (DiaFil® 610, Celite® 610 and IMERGARD™) which provide effective environmentally friendly solutions.

Building on existing systems and initiatives and going beyond compliance, a program fully aligned with the United Nations' Global Compact and Sustainable Development Goals is being implemented. The ambition is clear: anchoring sustainable development at the heart of the Group's overall strategy and mobilizing employees at every level to achieve Corporate Social Responsibility targets.