Yunqi Liu1

1, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, , China

Great interests have been aroused in flexible functional electronics and photoelectraonics, such as artificial skin, non-volatile memories, photosensors and health monitoring systems. Packed up through van der Waals interactions, organic/polymeric materials have advantages of intrinsic mechanical flexibility. During the past several years, impressive progresses have been made in organic field-effect transistors (OFETs), particularly in conjugated polymer-based FETs. A few high-performance polymers-based FETs have been developed with a remarkable mobility of more than 10 cm2 V−1 s−1, which provides a promising opportunity for applications in flexible displays and wearable devices.
In this presentation, we report an organic photosensor by three-component integration:[1] an organic light-dependant resistor (OLDR), an organic resistor (OR) as a load resistor, and an OFET as readout element. The photosensor is transconductance type instead of conductance, thus giving a higher photo to dark on/off ratio. In adittion, as a mimicry and spectral extension of human visual system, we present an integrated, retina-like optoelectronic device[2] for filter-free near-infrared (NIR) imaging and memory purposes. The device transforms NIR signals into grey scale nonvolatile resistance states, enabling a NIR-to-memory capability. We also demonstrate color differentiation between NIR and visible incidents with preferred NIR selectivity. Due to circuit design, our retinal system accomodates a bi-modal operation with respect to incident wavelengths. It functions as nonvolatile memory under NIR (850 nm) with a dynamic range of 62 dB and 86 dB photoswitch under green light (550 nm). On the other hand, we report the design and synthesis of some copolymers with D−A structures exhibiting p-tpye, n-type and ambipolar behavior as well.[3-6]

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