Unyong Jeong1

1, Pohang University of Science and Technology, Pohang, , Korea (the Republic of)

The Folding and stretching will be the key characteristics in the next-generation electronic devices. The stretchable electronics have motivated scientists to develop deformable materials for use in electrodes, semiconductors, bio-interfaces, and sensors. To realize fully stretchable electronic devices, each component of the device must maintain its performance up to a critical strain. This talk will present recent developments of stretchable polymeric conductors and semiconductors, and stretchable devices that are based on thermoplastic elastomers. Special focuses will be put on the thermoplastic block copolymer composites for their uses as substrates, electrodes, interfacial adhesives, and circuits. This talk presents a generalized platform that can be used for a variety of stretchable devices and several stretchable devices will be demonstrated including real-time a long-term use heart sensor, haptic device, display, energy harvesting, and stretchable transistors.