Roberto Contro1

1, Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering 'Giulio Natta', Politecnico Milano, Milano, Lombardia/Milano, Italy

The aim of this paper is showing that the student expectations can be not disappointed if they are personally involved in a learning itinerary where firstly their passion, ambition and intelligence are appreciated and stimulated. As consequence they will consolidate their self confidence and will accept to measure their real capability to learn notions indispensable to acquire a sufficient and rewarding preparation, not as a tool to overcome the profit examination but mainly to acquire consciousness of being able to win a challenge, sometimes sounded very difficult because of lacks in a previous basic background. In this way this experience might be useful to approach other challenges that unavoidably will met in their study a professional career. The word of order of a teacher should be identifying best talents and mainly discovering talents which often are hidden in a mass of students who, for several reasons like their familiar and cultural environment or also for a certain personal shyness, tend to do not recognize even to themselves.
The main step of such a learning itinerary, applied to a master course of materials micromechanics will be described with reference to the adopted textbook: FUNDAMENTALS OF MICROMECHANICS OF SOLIDS, Jianmin Qu and Mohammed Cherkaoui, Wiley, 2006.
Meaningful home-works will show as examples of final course results and a related brilliant career promoted as well.