Marcal Capdevila-Cortada1

1, Nature Catalysis, Berlin, , Germany

Modern societies face the challenge of supplying a continuously increasing energy demand. Intensive research is being conducted all around the globe to ensure that these needs can be satisfied while minimizing carbon emissions and other environmental threats. Electrochemistry holds promise to satisfy this requirement, either by using renewable energy to obtain fuels or store electricity or by converting fuels into electricity. Here catalysis research is pivotal, providing key advances in electrolyzers, fuel cells, and metal-air batteries.

Nature Catalysis, a new journal from the Nature Research group launched in January 2018, provides coverage of top research from the area of electrocatalysis, as well as all other areas of catalysis. Our broad scope, drawing from the work of scientists, engineers and researchers in industry and academia, ensures that published work reaches the widest possible audience. Nature Catalysis brings together researchers from across all chemistry and related fields, publishing work on homogeneous, heterogeneous, and biocatalysis, incorporating both fundamental and applied studies that advance our knowledge and inform the development of sustainable industries and processes.