Gang Chen1 2 Xun Zhu1 2 Rong Chen1 2 Qiang Liao1 2 Dingding Ye1 2 Biao Zhang1 2

1, Key Laboratory of Low-grade Energy Utilization Technologies and Systems (Chongqing University), Chongqing, , China
2, Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, Chongqing University, Chongqing, , China

In this work, Ni-B amorphous alloyed catalysts used for a gas-liquid-solid three phase reaction were synthesized on Ni foam by electroless plating method, which was evaluated by the reference reaction of nitrobenzene hydrogenation. Such design offered several advantages. First of all, the low-cost Ni-B amorphous alloyed catalysts showed superior catalytic activity and selectivity towards the hydrogenation reaction. Besides, the use of Ni foam as the support materials could increase the surface area for loading the Ni-B amorphous alloyed catalysts. Moreover, its interconnected macropore structure was beneficial for the transport of the gas/liquid reactants to the active sites. The morphologies and size distributions and the chemical composition of the prepared Ni-B amorphous alloyed catalysts were characterized by SEM, XRD and XPS, respectively. The actual loading of the Ni-B amorphous alloyed catalysts was analyzed using ICP-MS technology. The hydrogen chemisorption on the Ni-B amorphous alloyed catalysts was characterized by temperature programmed desorption of H2 (H2-TPD) analyses. Finally, the catalytic performance was evaluated by nitrobenzene hydrogenation in a continuous flow monolithic microreactor under various parameters. The experimental results indicated that the developed Ni-B amorphous alloyed catalysts deposited on the Ni foam was able to improve the catalytic performance.