Qibing Pei1

1, University of California, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, United States

The emergence of devices that combine elasticity with electronic or optoelectronic properties offers exciting new opportunities for applications, but brings significant materials challenges. This presentation will describe our latest results in the materials efforts in developing intrinsically stretchable conductors, semiconductors, dielectric polymers, and demonstrating integrated stretchable electronic devices. Specific examples include a polymer composite comprising surface-embedded silver nanowires with high transparency, high surface conductivity, and low surface roughness. The mechanical properties of the transparent composite electrode are determined by the polymer matrix employed, and demonstrated properties include flexibility, shape memory, self-healing, and rubbery deformation. Results on the healing efficiency of the healable composite with failure induced by both mechanical and electrical loading will also be presented. Touch panels were fabricated to demonstrate the applicability of the AgNW healable composite material.